AFSAI accepts applicants from 18 to 35 years old, but exceptions for older applicants are possible. The volunteers usually have community placement and social work activities.
Placements in Italy are possible in alternative living situation (community). Placements in host families are very rare and possible only in very exceptional cases.  In Italy volunteers could be placed both in Northern, Central and Southern Italy as well as in the two main islands: Sardinia and Sicily.
Most of our placements are based in small villages, surrounded by nature and nice fileds. 


  • Collection at airport or at the train station. The arrival airport change according to the placement;   
  • Placement in a local project;
  • Accommodation at the project and food 7 days per week;
  • Volunteers Orientation via skype with AFSAI staff.
  • Project orientation upon arrival and ongoing support from project mentor;
  • Ongoing support from AFSAI office;
  • Emergency support from AFSAI office (24/7);
  • Certificates (if required);
  • Visa support information (if necessary);
  • Invitation to any training organized by AFSAI with International Volunteers (usually 3 a year)


Volunteers will work 35 hours per week for all projects FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. The volunteering shifts might vary according to hosting project needs. Week-ends (Saturdays and Sundays) are usually free. If the participant is asked to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays s/he can have 2 free days the following week. Only Farms ask the volunteers to volunteer also on Saturdays mornings, but volunteering hours are always 35 per week. 


Aurora Caruso
+39 06 5370332 

Ours it is a bioecological farm holidays and all our activities are stiff to obtain a sustainable development.  Even in our activities with elementary schools  we explain children that nature is an exhaustible good and that it should be respected.

Today Agriturismo Trigna is a farm holiday residence. Our guests come from all over the world. We have over 8000 m/sq of vegetable gardens, a full restaurant, and a B&B on the property.

We have olive, oranges, lemons trees and may kinds of other plants. We have also some goats, ducks, a couple of pigs, chickens and two lovely dogs.

We are also a Didactic farm. Our take on the Didactic farm is not just an excursion in the country. We want to convey to others the passion which we put into our work every single day, trying to rediscover a trade, a world, something new and at the selfsame time enrich ourselves through their perceptions and observations so we can continue to carry out this business to the best of our ability.

Children during our workshops, we organize with schools, can observe and interact with animals and can learn their way of livings. Among all activities we propose  they can give food to the horse we have, to sheep, goats and ducks.

The workshops we organize are called” From grain to bread”, “From sheep wool to socks”, “how to make soap”, “how to make marmalades and jams”. Children, specifically, can make with their  hands small objects with flour or design kites and make them fly. 




The volunteers will be involved only in didactic and recreational activities with children from April to June. Therefore, they will support local staff in welcoming children, in all workshops we organize and in leisure activities for kids.
Eventually we might think of organizing with volunteers’ help and skills new and innovative workshops.

The volunteers will live in a flat with kitchen in the farm territory. The volunteers will eat in their own flat  and food will be offered by the farm.

Working hours and days off:
We can arrange with the volunteers the best timetable for both us and them depending on the activities organized for children.  
Usually Saturdays and Sundays are free.  If the volunteers  are asked to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays s/he can have 2 free days the following week.

The farm is a bit isolated from big urban centers as  it is located in the countryside. The closer town is  Lamezia Terme reachable by a bus whose bus stop is not very close to the farm. Sometimes volunteers can get a car lift from local staff to closer bus stop.

Maximum 2 volunteers.

Volunteers Profile
Volunteers should enjoy rural and community living. They should like working with and for children. Previous experience in volunteering with children is preferred but it is not compulsory.   

We can host in April, May and June. 

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