AFSAI accepts applicants from 18 to 35 years old, but exceptions for older applicants are possible. The volunteers usually have community placement and social work activities.
Placements in Italy are possible in alternative living situation (community). Placements in host families are very rare and possible only in very exceptional cases.  In Italy volunteers could be placed both in Northern, Central and Southern Italy as well as in the two main islands: Sardinia and Sicily.
Most of our placements are based in small villages, surrounded by nature and nice fileds. 


  • Collection at airport or at the train station. The arrival airport change according to the placement;   
  • Placement in a local project;
  • Accommodation at the project and food 7 days per week;
  • Volunteers Orientation via skype with AFSAI staff.
  • Project orientation upon arrival and ongoing support from project mentor;
  • Ongoing support from AFSAI office;
  • Emergency support from AFSAI office (24/7);
  • Certificates (if required);
  • Visa support information (if necessary);
  • Invitation to any training organized by AFSAI with International Volunteers (usually 3 a year)


Volunteers will work 35 hours per week for all projects FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. The volunteering shifts might vary according to hosting project needs. Week-ends (Saturdays and Sundays) are usually free. If the participant is asked to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays s/he can have 2 free days the following week. Only Farms ask the volunteers to volunteer also on Saturdays mornings, but volunteering hours are always 35 per week. 


Aurora Caruso
+39 06 5370332 

Casale Il Sughero, founded in 2005, is a self-sufficient bio-farm dealing with organic agriculture, animal care and wood management. We also organize cultural workshops related to environment and anthropology and more practical/manual workshops to teach how to make, natural bread, natural soap and small handicraft goods. We also organize hiking activities for our local tourists. 

Our residence is an ancient building, today recovered in bio-architecture. It hosts autochthon cultures , traditional and synergic gardens and a small grazing land for local animals. Moreover, Casale Il Sughero is a rural house and place who welcomes for responsible travelers interested in new places to discover being real protagonists of territories that would like to visit with respect.

We choose the name Casale Il Sughero because it hosts the precious cork trees and the cork itself is a metaphor of a Mediterranean porosity between land and area. It is an osmotic membrane which exchanges emotions and knowledge shared between who stays and lives in a place and the traveler who wants to know traditions and culture of the territory. 


The volunteer will be involved in gardening activities and animal care. Specifically they will be engaged in:
1) agricultural activities (planting, harvesting..);
2) small maintenance rural activities (using traditional techniques and natural materials such as: stone, wood, soil..);
3) looking after animals kept in stalls or while pasturing (goats, dogs, chickens and ducks);
4) taking part and/or supporting local farmers in workshops organized from time to time in the farm (natural bread-making; natural soap-making, goat cheese making…);
5) supporting staff during educational activities with kids. 

The volunteer will live in a private room and will have a private bathroom that eventually will share with other volunteers. He will have his/her meals with other members of the family (a father a mother and a small child).

Working hours and days off:
We can arrange with the volunteers the best timetable for both us and them depending on the seasons and on the work to do in the field.
Usually our guys volunteer for maximum 6 hours per day for 6 days a week.
Sundays are free.

Language opportunity:
In this project it would be possible to arrange a face to face language course of Italian language, by paying an extra fee.

The farm is a bit isolated from big urban centers as  it is located in the countryside up on a hill. The farm connected with Vibonati or Sapri cities only by a not very frequent bus. Volunteers usually manage to go

Places available:
1 or 2 people that know each other already.

Volunteers Profile
The volunteer should be between 18 and 30 years old. S/he should not have any specific background but s/he is required to have interest in environmental/agricultural issues and animal care.   We can host vegetarians and vegans.
Basic knowledge of Italian is preferred, but it is not compulsory.

Volunteers should enjoy physical outdoor work, rural and community living and be prepared for different weather conditions.

We can host from October till June. 

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