AFSAI accepts applicants from 18 to 35 years old, but exceptions for older applicants are possible. The volunteers usually have community placement and social work activities.
Placements in Italy are possible in alternative living situation (community). Placements in host families are very rare and possible only in very exceptional cases.  In Italy volunteers could be placed both in Northern, Central and Southern Italy as well as in the two main islands: Sardinia and Sicily.
Most of our placements are based in small villages, surrounded by nature and nice fileds. 


  • Collection at airport or at the train station. The arrival airport change according to the placement;   
  • Placement in a local project;
  • Accommodation at the project and food 7 days per week;
  • Volunteers Orientation via skype with AFSAI staff.
  • Project orientation upon arrival and ongoing support from project mentor;
  • Ongoing support from AFSAI office;
  • Emergency support from AFSAI office (24/7);
  • Certificates (if required);
  • Visa support information (if necessary);
  • Invitation to any training organized by AFSAI with International Volunteers (usually 3 a year)


Volunteers will work 35 hours per week for all projects FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY. The volunteering shifts might vary according to hosting project needs. Week-ends (Saturdays and Sundays) are usually free. If the participant is asked to volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays s/he can have 2 free days the following week. Only Farms ask the volunteers to volunteer also on Saturdays mornings, but volunteering hours are always 35 per week. 


Aurora Caruso
+39 06 5370332 

FIELD: Kids 

TOWN: Piombino (Tuscany) 

Crocevia dei Popoli (Association to Educate- Encounters of peoples)- is a volunteering association inscribed in the Register of Volunteering Organizations of Tuscany since 1992. 

The association is based in a House called “House Crocevia dei Popoli”, that used to be an elementary school belonging to the Diocesan Caritas. The organization is located in Località Fiorentina, 5 kms far from the centre  of the  city of Piombino. 

Piombino is an Italian townand “comune” of nearly 35,000 inhabitants in the province of Livorno (Tuscany). It lies on the border between the Ligurian Sea and theTyrrhenian Sea, in front of Elba Island and at the Northern side of Maremma.


  1. Actiìvities in the local Kindergarten and summer camps  for kids. These will be the main activties the volunteers will be placed in. 
  2. Educational activities in elementary and middle schools  (students from 6 up to 14 years old) only from October till June. The education activities will be focused on several topics such as: Citizenship, Immigration, Peace, Respect for “The Other”, Environment protection ect…
  3. Organization of Youth leisure activities for local youngsters of the city of Piombino or other close cities; 
  4. Listening Centre for disadvantaged people (homeless, families with economic problems, youngsters coming for difficult urban areas or with difficult familiar background);
  5. Dresses and food distribution to poor families or homeless people;
  6. Any king of Support activities for disadvantaged people;
  7. Joint activities with the Municipality of Piombino for youth activities organized by local volunteers. 

The volunteers will have the chance of being involved in some or all the mentioned activities, depending on their level of Italian, the time of the year they arrive and their interests and personal attitudes


Volunteers Profile

We would like to host volunteers (preferably girls, but this is not compulsory) who are open-minded, flexible, responsible, who are interested in social and/or education activities and like volunteering with disadvantaged people and like living in a familiar atmosphere. As stated above, Crocevia dei Popoli works in very close cooperation with the Caritas organization (a Catholic organization), we will not ask volunteers to be catholic or to attend mass for example, but we wish the volunteers would be respectful towards religions in general


Board and Lodging:

The hosting House, Crocevia dei Popoli, is a nice building surrounded by a wide fenced garden, completely conceived to be used by groups of people The volunteers will share the spaces of the house with the others inhabitants of the house.

The volunteers will be living in a shared room per 2 people and will have their own bathroom, while the kitchen and the living room will be shared with the other people of the whole building. Currently lives there the project tutor : Mr Ridi (who speaks Italian and a bit of Portuguese). 

The volunteer will be also provided with food: 3 meals per day. Concerning food, the habit of the house is to eat seasonal products when possible, coming from the local territory: vegetables, fruits, fish, cheese ect. Moreover, we like purchasing products of the Fair and Solidarity Trade. 


  • To have specific competences and/or previous work experiences
  • Linguistic competences
  • Previous international experiences
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