Progetto SVE per l'educazione ambientale

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is an international non-profit and non-governmental organisation promoting sustainable development through environmental education. 

The volunteer will be involved in all aspects of FEE activities and will thus enter the organisation on an equal footing with FEE’s permanent staff and will be fully integrated in all FEE activities. This involves being engaged in a broad array of work areas such as external and internal communications, designing and planning activities for programmes and projects, preparing and participating in various types of meetings as well as ongoing administrative tasks in the office. 

The general activities will focus on ecological education and the working methods will be the team work as well as individual tasks. The task for volunteers will be for example assisting at and organising the FEE General Assembly 2014, which will be potentially held in Copenhagen in June 2014. Attending this General Assembly will be representatives from 65 countries from all our memebers organisations. The Volunteer will also take part in this meeting and also in some other international meetings, such as the National Operators’ Meetings for different programmes, which will be organised during the year in different countries.

This volunteer work will include communitcation and PR which means preparing press releases and updating websites and our social media tools, minutes from the meetings and specific tasks from programmes like from Blue Flag, Young Reporters for the Environment to which the volunteer will be the most engaged on his/her daily work. Finally, the volunteer will also be part of the daily routine at the office, helping out with various administrative tasks.





9 months

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Environmental Education 


Medium-high level in English and interest for the issue of environment


23 settembre

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