SVE - Estonia - 9/12 mesi - Attività sportive ed artistiche

Project environment:

The project environment is located to the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. Experimental Movement Center has very decent and well equipped rooms in Kopli which is near Tallinn city center, 10 minutes by public transportation.
Estonia is socially tolerant – people with cultural differencies are generally treated well and nearly all information is available in English. Economy has developed in the last decade to the average European level with some discrepancies in some cases.
The Experimental Movement Center (ELK) is not a live-in community so the volunteer wouldn’t live in a residential area of Tallinn with other international volunteers. The volunteer should be ready to share a room and and have a flexible attitude.
Main directions of ELK are: acrobatics, circus, theatre with a hint of dancing. More about the organisation can be found from
We have different age groups of children having classes almost every day of the week. The volunteer will have exact instructions what, when and where is expected from him/her. The working team is nice and friendly and the rooms are equipped with decent proper requisites for the trainings.


Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

Main responsibilites: to assist in trainings as assistant coach. For example holding the jump rope, hold the unicyclist hand, helps the children with somersaults (everything happens by the instructions of the coach). The volunteer would help to bring the requisites, prepare the room for trainings and carry out the trainings with coach. Is present in performances, camps (city camp, summer camp). Helps to organaize the competitions (coffee tabel, receptor, printing the diplomas, enters the data of the judges, helps in rewarding).
In addition the volunteer should help organizing the events (communicating with people, spreading advertisement, selling and checking tickets, organizational activities, assisting). Dealing with children.
If the volunteer wishes he/she can help with creative work (organizing the performances and programs, choreography, music, costumes etc).
Can participate in trainings, use rooms and requisites. Getting know Estonian culture and circus activity in Estonia is a plus. Communicating with young art and sports people.
Depends on the strong sides of the volunteer - if the person has a hobby or a strong knowledge of for example photography, design or film making he/she is very welcome to take photos, tape the performances or trainings or design the costumes or whatever he/she does the best. Our trainers also have very different strong sides and everybody does what they do best.
We offer the volunteer the possibility to participate in the trainings and through that develop his/her athletic side and acrobatical and circus skills. The volunteer would participate in the camps and will learn to communicate with children and improve teaching skills. Tha volunteer is welcome to participate in the tuitions for trainiers which we occasinally arrange during the year. And of course we offer the opportunity to learn the language and Estonian culture by communcating with our splendid collective.


Volunteer’s profile:

Because of the nature of the work it would be very handy if the olunteer has a sports and art minded attitude. Experience in dealing with children, circus, acrobatics or other stage or creational activity is very much appreciated. Physically active and healthy life style is big plus.
The ideal candidate matches with our cheerful and positive minded collective. We appreciate if the candidate would have good sense of humor, is easy to communicate with and likes dealing with children and youngsters, is accurate and does everything on time. Adaptable and prepared for changes. English or Russian language is inevitable on the communicative level. Basic knowledge of computer skills is very much helpful.
The applicant should send an application form foreseen for everyone who apply for EVS through coordinating organization EstYES. Decision will be made by the motivation and suitability of the applicant.


The host organization will ensure:

Volunteer will have support from the co-workers and mentor (regular meetings, help to integrate to society).
The host organization will ensure:
1) that the volunteer work is safe and been assessed for risk;
2) that every effort is made that project meets high health and safety standards;
3) that the volunteer is trained and familiar with the volunteering work and have access to adequate safety equipment if needed;
4) that the volunteer will get all the practical and psychological support from the staff.
The volunteers will have an experienced supervisor who will help the volunteer to understand the new environment and feel more comfortable. Volunteer will have the opportunity to learn Estonian language.
Accommodation for volunteers will be organized by our coordinating organization NGO Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES: the volunteer will live in apartment with convenient transport connectivity to the workplace, each volunteer either in a separate or shared room. Apartment is fully furnished with beds, bedclothes, bath/shower & equipped kitchen. As an alternative, the volunteer can live in a student hostel or in a respectable local family with the same conditions.
Food will be prepared by the volunteer at home, money will be provided by our coordinating organization. In addition, volunteers will be paid a monthly allowance according to EVS financing rules.



in attesta di accreditamento



9-12 mesi

Posti disponibili

 Circo/centro sperimentale 


Interesse per l’ambito. spirito di adattamento, attitudini sportive e creative 

Informazioni Aggiuntive

1) Compilare l'application form in allegatoI in inglese al computer;
2) Inviare application form,  lettera di motivazione tramite e-mail a, indicando il paese, il progetto e il numero di riferimento entro e non oltre la data di scadenza indicata: 19 Aprile ore 13,00. 


Settembre/Ottobre 2013


19 Aprile ore 13,00. 

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SVE - Estonia - 9/12 mesi - Attività sportive ed artistiche
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