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Project environment:


Kindergarten "Punamütsike" is a municipaltity kindergarten in Võru. Kindergarten works in 11 groups: three groups for small kids: 1,6 to 3 years and seven for children aged 3 to 7. There are 54 teachers and employees. The kindergarten working all year round. Võru is a small town in South-East of Estonia and as Estonia is member of EU it would be nice to give personal experience to children starting their early years. Võru County with its hills and valleys and its forests is one of the most beautiful regions in Estonia. The town of Võru (founded in 1784) is situated in South-East of Estonia, on the bank of lake Tamula, It is the centre of Võru County, there are 43 000 people living in the County of Võru and 15 000 people living in the town of Võru. Tourism near Võru is growing very fast. The distance to capital city Tallinn is 255 km but to second biggest town Tartu only 69 km. Võru and its county have quickly developing tourism. Võru has long traditions on holding very special and unique cultural events like The Võru Folklore festival. The Folklore festival is an international event where music events are very important. The most famous person from Võru was Fr.R.Kreutzwald, the same person who wrote the Estonian national epic "Kalevipoeg". If you are in Võru, you should walk in the Kreutzwald park; it is a very beautiful park. In winters people go skiing and snowboarding. Besides these events there are many art exhibitions: The Võru Artists Union events, workshops, social events for people in all ages and contests. Every year in May an event called "Võru Kevad" takes place, there is a lot of entertainment for people in any age, like, the concert of bands. There are 2 high schools, 1 primary school, a sport-school, a music-school and many hobby groups, a cultural centre "Kannel", a library and a sport centre, also other clubs and pubs in Võru. The possibility to go to swimming pool is in Väimela that is 7 km from Võru. In summer the best place for swimming is lake Tamula or numerous other lakes around the town. In winter there are nice hills where is good chances to skiing and snowboarding. There is also possibility to do extreme biking, hiking and other sport.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
Beside of personal growth, being a volunteer in Võru kindergarten Punamütsike, is an opportunity for a young person to get to know pedagogical work; develop his/her organisational skills; get practice in teaching children; learn new language and culture as well as get experience in a teamwork. The task of the volunteers is to help the kindergarten personnel in their daily work with the children. They can work in one age group or share the work between different groups depending of personal interest and ability. Volunteers will never work alone but under supervision and guidance of kindergarten group teachers. The main tasks are following: participate and help teachers in games or lessons with children, prepare lessons and materials for activities. They can bring songs, games and introduce their own culture and traditions as part of intercultural learning. Prepare festivals or holidays (Christmas, Easter, Independence Day etc): teach songs and dances. The exhibitions about their country or some other country from Europe would be very welcome. Volunteers are welcome to join every activity we organising either for children or only staff members. Kindergarten "Punamütsike" has 34 year history and nice traditions like: days with family, sport activity days, visiting theatres and concerts, hikes and excursions during spring and summer. In addition, together with staff members, volunteers can help to organise Võru Christmas Fair, Võru's Birthday celebrations and participate in the Folkloric Festival as an interpreter, etc.
The working time for volunteers will be 30 to 35 h per week from Monday to Friday.

Volunteers can have the meals with children. In free time they will have money for food. In free hours volunteers can use internet in kindergarten. They will live in rented room or flat in Võru. The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn to play the zither.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
We are looking for a person who wishes to work with young children, loves children, has a positive attitude and is willing to assist. We welcome to our team a young person who is open to new ideas and is tolerant especially with children of special needs. All the volunteers who contact with coordinating organisation International Youth Association EstYES will be informed about the vacant of the project for certain deadline. Volunteer will get special application form to fill in, which is the basis for the pre-selection. Then host project receives applications approved by EstYES to make their final decision. Staff of the host project chooses the volunteer, whose profile and interests match the best the proposed activities of the project.

From our side we can offer to the volunteers an opportunity to get to know pedagogical work in kindergarten, give them our support and assistance as well as introduce one of Estonia's smallest cultural groups in Võrumaa. Volunteers abroad will help teachers in their everyday work and will bring their culture (with its songs, dances, traditions etc) into children's but also to other locals' everyday life in Võru.





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9-12 mesi

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1) Compilare l'application form dell'AFSAI in inglese al computer;
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SVE - Estonia - 9/12 mesi - Infanzia
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