Minimum Stay 4 weeks

The Association “Insieme si può ONLUS” runs a hosting house community for disabled (18/20 persons with psyco disease) with social-rieducational-rehabilitating purposes and a group in an apartament 4 people living togheter to experience the daily life and gain indipendence. Professional social workers and national volunteers work in the community in order to help the guests in the rehabilitation and in social interaction.The aim is to make the guests achieve independence in daily life and to support the guests’ families. Actually the age of the hosts is between 26-59 and some of them have more then one handicap, with physical and psychical disabilities.

The daily centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM, while the residential centre gives a service 24 hours all year. In the daily centre the hosts can do different activities which offer  them the possibility to improve their capacity, through the maintenance and consolidation of the autonomy and personal care, and through the attention for social relations. In the residential centre, beyond the activities and therapies run in the daily centre, the Association manages all the aspects connected with the hosts, hospitality, included the recreational activities during the weekend.

Community Engagement
Physical Demand




People & Volunteers

Every day the volunteer will be also involved (from Monday to Friday) in the organization of the bus transfers of the hosts: along with the driver, he\she has to take them home (evening) and to the centre (morning).

The volunteer will be mainly involved in these activities:

  • Activities connected with the development of the individual autonomy: the aim of all the centre activities is to improve and develop the autonomy of the hosts with regards to their autonomy in transport in the domestic activities, in the use of money in the interpersonal relations, in the determination of own choices and in the auto-determination in general;
  • Activities connected with the personal care of the hosts (teeth brushing atfer the meal, having a shower after the sporta activies etc.);
  • Activities connected to stimulate the physical capacities (hippo therapy, swimming, psychomotor activities, manual laborations: orthographic laboratary to  development the linguistics skills and laboratary of foreigner languages to improve the knowleadge and the intergration with other cultures);
  • Activities connected with the eye-watching during breaks;
  • Activities connected with the house setting and with the planning of the daily timetable (volunteers will be involved in the staff meetings for the planning of the week activities and in the organiazation of the common space to be used with hosts);
  • Activities connected with the social activities run inside the centre and outside the centre (participate in the public meetings during exhibitions, participate in stage\theatre shows and in going out for movies or music concerts, trips to touristic places etc…);
  • Activities connected with the theatre and cultural laboratories (after being an educative path, in the occasion of specific holidays the association organizes theatre and music shows in which it is welcome the active participation of the volunteers).At the beginning the volunteer  works with the supervision of the social workers, but volunteer will be also welcome to organize autonomously new activities, which can be proposed by the staff or by the volunteer itself. Moreover, the Association is open to the promotion of new activities and new projects connected  to the volunteers personal experience.

Closest Airport: Trieste Airport or Venice Marco Polo Airport (a bit further)

Pick up: at Trieste Airport (excepionally from Venice Airport)



The organization is settled in a quite village, Reana del Rojale, 12 KM from Udine (100.000 inhabitants), on the moraniche hills. Reana del Rojale is in the middle of different naturalistic places (Alpi Giulie, Prealpi Friulane, Adriatic see and beach places, city like Venice, country like Austria and Slovenia). Its history is rooted in pre-historical times and in fact archaeological findings dating back to 9000 years before christ have been unearthed here, this past was then cancelled by the Roman presence.

In the area there is good public transport which guarantes good mobility.

Working hours:

Volunteer will work for 35 hours weekly. The timetable migth change a bit but it should be usually from Monday to Friday for 7 hours every day.

Days off:

The volunteer will have 2 days off: usually Saturdays and Sundays. For project over 4 weeks the volunteer can have 2 free days of vacations.


The association offers the volunteer a room with bathroom, in a separate apartment but located in the same building of the organization

The room is at the school floor of the daily centre and next to the Gruppo Appartmento, the kitchen is shared with the hosts of the centre and the staff ( It is important to respect the timetable when to use it and to keep it tidy). In this way it is possible to create a good and responsible cohabitation.

Blankets and bedlinen: available

Wi- Fi: available.


The volunteer usually can cook their own breakfast and if they want dinners. They usually have lunch in the organization canteen along with the other staff and the hosts of the centre. Three meals are always guaranteed.