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Minimum Stay 4 weeks

Casa Pollicino is a small foster home active since 1998, based in the outskirts of Imperia that hosts disadvantaged minors up to 10 years old . Most of our kids come from difficult familiar background and are assigned to our family by the Juvenile Court.

The kids live with us until they are given a definite family or are allowed to come back to their previous family.

They usually stay with us for some months or sometimes for a year. We can host maximum 5 minors. In addition to them, we have also our 2 kids who currently are 19-22 years old  and an adopted young girl affected by a cognitive disability.

Community Engagement
Physical Demand




People & Volunteers

Volunteer tasks 

The volunteer will be helping us in looking after all our kids, helping them in doing their homework and in any extracurricular activities, if needed. We ask the volunteer to support us when we drive them to school or to go with them to attend any other activities after school.

Last but not least, we wish the volunteer to help us in daily house cores ( es. laying the table, supporting in cooking, hanging clothes, ironing them…). The volunteer will be part of our family and we wish she could participate in all aspect of our daily life.

Closest Airport: Nizza Airport (France) or Genova Airport (Italy)

Pick up: at Nizza airport or Imperia Train station



Casa Policino is based in the Borgo Sant’Agata (a small historical area) at the outskirts of Imperia city. We are up on a hill.

Imperia is a coastal city and comune in the region of Liguria, Italy. It is the capital of the province of Imperia, and historically it was capital of the Intemelia district of Liguria. Imperia has been settled on 21 October 1923 by combining Porto Maurizio and Oneglia and the surrounding village communes of Piani, Caramagna Ligure, Castelvecchio di Santa Maria Maggiore, Borgo Sant’Agata, Costa d’Oneglia, Poggi, Torrazza, Moltedo and Montegrazie.

Imperia is well known for the cultivation of flowers and olives, and is a popular summer destination for visitors.

Working hours

The volunteer will work about 7 hours every day from Monday to Friday, and will have 2 days off every week.

Shifts can vary according to the family needs, but the volunteer will be informed in advance.

Days off

The volunteer will have two days off per week and 2 days as vacations for projects lasting over 4 weeks.

Accommodation and food 

The volunteer will be living in an indipendent flat, 15 minutes far by bus from the foster home. The flat is up on a hill. The volunteer has three meals per day. S/he is going to have lunch with the family, breakfast by himself/herself and dinners sometimes alone and sometimes with the family.

The project can host only one volunteer at a time.

Blankets and bedlinen: available

WI-FI: available in the foster home (where the family lives).