OUR Kathmandu PACKAGES IN Nepal

Explore Buddhism in Nepal Nepal Kathmandu

Explore Buddhism in Nepal and experience Buddhist monasteries, meditation and yoga in this spiritual

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Medical Internship Nepal Kathmandu

Gain work experience by shadowing doctors in the hospitals in and around Kathmandu.During the intern

More info 420 €
Construction and Renovation Project Nepal Kathmandu

Take part in the rebuilding efforts and support the needy communities in this beautiful Himalayan co

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Education Project Nepal Kathmandu

Teach basic conversational as well as English and other subjects of your interest to children from d

More info 300 €
Women Empowerment Project Nepal Kathmandu

Teach basic conversational English, basic computer skills and other subjects of your interest to old

More info 300 €
Special Education Project Nepal Kathmandu

Work as an assistant teacher in a special school for children with special needs and support the chi

More info 300 €
Physiotherapy Internship Nepal Kathmandu

Work  as an intern at a physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital in Kathmandu and gain hands o

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Canine Rehabilitation Nepal Kathmandu

Aid in the rescue of dogs in need as well as getting them back to a healthy state before they get ad

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Introduction Week Nepal Kathmandu

Experience and get an in-depth knowledge of the ancient traditions, culture, language, temples, and

More info 360 €
Dental Internship Nepal Kathmandu

Gain work experience by shadowing doctors in the dental hospitals in and around Kathmandu.During the

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Kindergarten Teaching Project Nepal Kathmandu

Teach basic English skills to children between 3 to 6 years old at several kindergartens in Kathmand

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Nepal Chitwan

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OUR Central Nepal PACKAGES IN Nepal

Village Trek Nepal Central Nepal

Experience the Himalayas mountains and the culture and lifestyle of its inhabitants like very few ge

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OUR North South East and West PACKAGES IN Nepal

Experience Nepal Nepal North South East and West

Experience Nepal in four weeks with the Nepali culture, people and adventure!During the four-week pr

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Nepal Road Trip Nepal North South East and West

Get to visit and experience four vastly distinctive regions of this exotic country!During this four-

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OUR Adventure PACKAGES IN Nepal

Adventure Week Nepal Adventure

Indulge in a week of adventure in the Himalayas and test your skills in various adrenaline-filled ac

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Poon Hill Trek Nepal Poon Hill

Poon Hill Trek is a wonderful opportunity to witness the beauty of the Annapurna region with a short

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OUR Annapurna PACKAGES IN Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Nepal Annapurna

You will get an insight into the best Nepal has to offer through a week of immersing and learning, t

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OUR Buddhist Monastery PACKAGES IN Nepal

Temple Stay South Korea Buddhist Monastery

Embark upon your own personal spiritual journey, and learn amid dedicated monks at a local monastery

More info 960 €
Monastery Teaching Nepal Buddhist Monastery

Teach English to novice monks in authentic monasteries!This program is tailored for those who are in

More info 420 €


Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal Everest

Set your foot at the base of Everest! This action-packed program will get your hiking shoes dirty th

More info 600 €


Education Project Nepal Pokhara

The Pokhara Valley, a land of spectacular beauty crowned by the majestic Himalayas, conjures visions

More info 300 €


Organic Farming Project Nepal Kavre

Experience organic farming in Nepal in its truly Nepali surroundings!Organic farming helps to use mo

More info 360 €


Name: Republic of Cabo Verde

Population: 525,000 (2015)

Capital: Praia

Language: Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole

Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo

Time zone: CVT (UTC-1)

More about Nepal

The beautiful islands of the Nepal were initially uninhabited until it was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century. The country flourished during the 16th and the 17th centuries due to the Atlantic slave trade. But with the decline of the slave trade in the 19th century, the country experienced an economic crisis. Yet the location of the island made it survive as it became a significant commercial center in the 19th century as the location was perfect for re-supply of the ships. In the present day context, the economy of the country is mostly relying on the services provided by the country targeting the growing tourism industry.